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Shut Down, Vol. 2 (Mono)

The Beach Boys

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Fun, Fun, Fun (Mono)
The Beach Boys
Don't Worry Baby (Mono)
The Beach Boys
In The Parkin' Lot (Mono)
The Beach Boys
"Cassius" Love Vs. "Sonny" Wilson (Mono)
The Beach Boys
The Warmth Of The Sun (Mono)
The Beach Boys
This Car Of Mine (Mono)
The Beach Boys
Why Do Fools Fall In Love (Mono)
The Beach Boys
Pom Pom Play Girl (Mono)
The Beach Boys
Keep An Eye On Summer (Mono)
The Beach Boys
Shut Down, Part II (Mono)
The Beach Boys
Louie Louie (Mono)
The Beach Boys
Denny's Drums (Mono)
The Beach Boys
Total Playing Time    27:51
Billboard 200 - #13, 1963
Billboard Hot 100 - #5, 1964 - Fun, Fun, Fun

"... among the most lush and wonderful songs the Beach Boys ever recorded..."
- Rolling Stone

"... includes two classic Brian Wilson ballads ... they are two of the best ballads that the Beach Boys would produce. Don’t Worry Baby would be a song of hope. Full overdubbing of the vocal harmonies make this a musical feast for the ears."
- Blogcritics.org

The first of three albums the Beach Boys released in 1964, this was titled Volume 2 to avoid confusion with a hot rod-themed compilation called Shut Down that had come out several months earlier. Shut Down Volume 2, the fifth album in 18 months from the Beach Boys, displays their progress as songwriters, containing some of the group's most mature and sophisticated material. Fun, Fun, Fun was one of their highest-charting singles to date and Don't Worry Baby is included on Rolling Stone's list of the 500 greatest songs of all time at number 176. The Warmth Of The Sun was written the same day as the assassination of John F. Kennedy and news of the shooting influenced the song.

"The Warmth Of The Sun was started early the same morning that President Kennedy was killed in Dallas. The melody was so haunting, sad, melancholy, that the only thing that I could think of lyrically was the loss of love, when interest slips and feelings aren't reciprocated ... I think it's really impactful and memorable ... one of my favourite songs from an emotional and personal point of view."
- Mike Love
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